Homemade VM Tools

Here's two quickie tools that you can make for your VM. All you need is some scrap steel rod and a welder.

The first thing you can easily make is a bolt velocity adjuster. I always hated having to take the barrel off of my VM to adjust the velocity in the bolt, so I made a quick tool that would allow me to adjust it even with a 16" barrel on the gun.

First I took a 5/32" allen wrench and cut off the small 'L' piece so it was straight. I then welded it to a 1/4" x 14" piece of steel rod. After that I welded on a small 'T' handle and then wrapped the whole thing in electrical tape so it wouldn't scratch the inside of the barrel. It's not pretty but it works.

It looks a little bent in the pic but trust me, it's straight :)

Sometimes the valve in my VM is really wedged in there and when I twist the valve tool, the metal part of the tool turns in the plastic handle. I find this really annoying. Since it's starting to show wear and isn't going to last forever, I thought I'd make something more durable.

Valve tools are also easy to make. I took a 8" piece of 1/2" steel rod and welded a 3/8-16 bolt to one end and a small 'T' handle to the other. Then I drilled a 1/2" deep hole in the bolt with a 3/16" drill bit. I put a couple coats of black spray paint on and it works like a charm.

Valve tool 2.0: This one was much easier to make than the first. I took a 8" long 3/8-16 bolt and welded on a T-handle. I also drilled the 1/2" deep hole in the bolt in a lathe. Much easier to make and a lot cleaner.