Sheridan no longer carries replacement parts for the VM-68, however, I will keep this list here for reference. If you're looking for VM parts be sure to check out this page.

This page only lists VM68 Magnum specific parts. See the VM-68 parts list for more parts.

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This parts and price list is intended to be an informationl guide in ordering Sheridan parts. It is not instructional material and therefore we assume no responsibility for those who use it without proper factory training.

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East Bloomfield, NY 14443
Phone: 1-800-724-7486
Parts Order Fax: 716-657-4603

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Part Number Qty. Per Part Name Price
73 2 Sight Rail $11.39 each
VMS-200MG 1 Barrel Ass'y $45.00
VMS322MG 1 Expansion Chamber Elbow $6.75
VMS-402 1 Ball Retainer $14.47
VMS-406 1 Lock Washer $.50
VMS-408 1 Rear Tube Connector Elbow $.50
VMS-418 1 CO2 Transfer Tube $37.89
VMS-419 1 Tube Connector O-Ring $4.28
VMS-608 1 Ball Feed Plate $1.29
VMX-A01MG 1 Reciever Ass'y $198.24
VMX-009 3 Reciever Thumb Screw $1.95 each
VMX-258 1 Safety Fastener $1.41
VMX-402 1 Rear Bottle Adaptor Ass'y $15.62
VMX-405 1 Plug Retainer Bolt $1.68
VMX-407 1 Air Transfer Screw $4.26
VMX-409 1 Bottle Plug Adaptor Ass'y $9.02
VMX-607 4 Ball Feed Plate Screw $1.95 each
P911 1 Ball Insert Tube 45 Degree $5.01

Prices and parts are subject to change without notice.

Please order by part number and description.

Check or money order for the total price must accompany the order.

* Not available.

Prices are in U.S. dollars.

List updated 8/00