The Four Tank VM!

Four Bottle VM

One day I was thinking about how many tanks someone could get on a VM. After a little thinking I came up with this. You used to be able to get all of the stuff you needed to make this from SkanLine, however, they don't carry any of this anymore. You need a backbottle kit, bottomline kit, and VTS kit or vertical adapter. This would work with a 12 oz. ChoroMoly on the front, 20 oz. on the VTS, 20 oz. on the bottemline, and a 20 oz. on the backbottle. You could run a romote off the backbottle to a 20 oz. also. Another alternative is to get a bottemline with dual side ports which you could run a remote from one of them to a 5th tank on a harness.

Nick Brassard emailed me and said that a long time ago he played a scenario game with four tanks on his VM. He said he had a machined vertical adaptor before he chopped the ASA.

To make this easy on yourself you should have on/off valves on 3 of the 4 tanks. The reason for this is because if you didn't, as soon as you screw in the first pin valve tank the air will start coming out of the other ASA's. With on/off valves you can screw the on/off tanks in first and then the pin valve tank in last. Then just turn the on/off tanks on as needed.

Four Tank VM

My VM Magnum with two 20s and two 7s.
The hoses aren't hooked up in this pic, but you get the idea.