Internal EC or LPC?

With 'low pressure' (LP) being the latest fad these days the question has been raised as to whether the internal expansion chamber (EC) mod really acts as a EC or is it a LPC.

For that chamber to work as a low pressure chamber (LPC) you have to have a few things done first. Just because it's there doesn't mean it will magically lower the operating pressure of a stock/near stock VM. If the air passages and/or valve are unmodified and the stock hammer and/or springs are used the VM will still require 700-ish PSI to operate. Once you tune the VM then, yes, it will act more like a LPC.

LPCs don't lower operating pressure by themselves. With a properly tuned VM, or any gun for that matter, they can assist in lowering operating pressure. The LPCs you see on Spyders/Cockers/Angels are mostly there just for looks. They have little to no effect on performance. The most important peice of information you need to remember is that LP is the result of an efficient paintball gun. LP shouldn't be the goal, efficiency should be.

LP will: LP can: LP can not:

That being said, here's a good way to go about making your VM run at a little lower pressure:

1) High flow valve w/tuned spring
2) Drilled out transfer port, valve to bolt
3) Higher flow bolt, don't over do it!
4) Internal expansion chamber mod w/drilled out port to valve chamber
5) A good regulator