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The Tippmann F/A is an open bolt, blow back, select fire paintball gun. It can fire semi automatic or full auto, up to 20 balls per second (in theory).

The F/A is bascially a converted Pro-Lite. The body was changed slightly with the addition of two top "sears" that are used to slow down the hammer and it has a special feed adaptor; the Gravity Power Feed. The Power Feed is spring driven (like a clock) and has to be wound from time to time throughout the day. The rate of fire on the F/A is fairly simple to adjust. Requiring just the turn of two screws. The hopper can hold 150 balls at a time.

At the time of it's introduction, the F/A was in a very small class of paintballguns. At the time there were very few full auto paintguns on the market. There was the F/A, Shocker Sport, Angel with F/A chip, the TS1 Select, and of course the old school Tippmann SMG-60/68.

Here is a review with some tips on getting more reliable feeding without breaking balls. Check it out. Please note that I didn't write that article. These days you'd be better off having a hopper adapter made and then just slapping on a Halo or some other force feed hopper as new springs for the factory hopper are nearly impossible to find.

I also have a picture of the F/A assembly from Tippmann's web site as well as a parts and price list for the F/A. Please note that the list is old and the prices are different now if there are even any parts left. Tippmann probably doesn't even service the F/A anymore.

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Tippmann's add for the F/A
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F/A with .45 grips

My custom F/A with vertical ASA, .45 frame, and chrome plating

Tippmann F/A Warp Feed/QLoader adapter

A custom Warp Feed/QLoader adapter I made