KP2-DF Restoration Project

For me, Sheridan's K-Series guns are the symbol of old school paintball. There's just something about them that I love. This particular gun is a KP2-DF that I picked up on eBay for a very good price. It was one of those situations were the person selling it didn't really know what they had and put a very low 'Buy It Now' price on it.

This is the picture from the auction. A diamond in the rough!

The previous owner tried doing a semi auto conversion similar to the old Elite Mfg. KP rifles. I don't think the semi auto conversion ever worked though. Whoever tried doing the semi auto mod either didn't have the proper tools or they just didn't think things through thoroughly. There were lots of problems I could see with it. To many to get into. And yes, those are rags holding the stock and body together!

I cleaned it up a bit then stepped back and looked at what I had... or rather what I didn't have. The gun was missing a pump, pump arm, bolt (the original one was cut in half), an o-ring for the constant air adapter, and the screw that's used to attach the stock to the gun.

Lookin' a little better.

After about 30 seconds of digging through my box of o-rings I found one that worked with the C/A adapter. I gassed up the gun and sure enough, it held air. A good first step!

I posted a few messages at some boards and within a day I found someone with an extra screw for the stock. About a week later it showed up in the mail box.

For the pump I just used the one off a P68-SC I had recently purchased from Jeff Atty. The plan at the time was to convert the p68-SC to semi but that never happened.

The body itself was in very good condition and still had most of its original finish. The area where the pump slides back and forth hardly had any wear leading me to believe the gun hadn't been used much. There was one hole on the back of the gun body from the semi conversion though it was small and didn't affect anything. The quick strip slot looked to be a dremel job but was fairly well done. The stock was also in fair condition. There were some holes where the 4-way was mounted but no major damage or blemishes.

After I looked it over I decided to send it to Palmer's for a full work over. I wanted them to do a performance tune which includes improved valving, hone and polish barrel, smooth and soften the action, add a new pump rod and Ultra Quikstrip bolt, and add a wedgit and ball détente. If the finish would have been worse I would have gotten a sight rail and nickel plating as well. The original finish looked so good though that I wanted it left as-is.

Mmm. Old school.

When I got it back I was very pleased with the final results. The only thing I was disappointed with was the finish. Since they had to do some soldering to widen the internal air passage the original finish was damaged by the heat. To refinish the body they painted it black. I'm not to thrilled about it and may send it back for nickel plating sometime in the future.

Overall the work Palmer's did was excellent. Looking at the gun body now you'd never know someone tried turning it into a semi. They remilled the quick strip slot making it nice and clean looking. They also chopped off a small section from the top tube which eliminated the hole in the body from the failed semi conversion. The reason the tube was shortened was to make room for their 'universal' bolt. It's the same bolt they use in all their Typhoons, Strokers, and upgrade work like this. The hammer was also replaced by a hammer from a Hurricane. I'm really not sure what the difference is performance wise but I do know the pump stroke is nice and smooth.

Shortly after I got it back I started in on the wood stock. Refinishing the stock went well. I'm not a fan of wood working but I think it turned out ok. Some day I might refinish it again to fix a few small blemishes that I accidently caused. They're minor though I'm probably the only one who'd notice them.

Although I didn't do any of the major restoration work on this KP2-DF (unlike my previous KP2-DF) I still enjoyed seeing the transformation from hunk o' junk to old school beauty. As always, Palmer's did a top notch job. They were helpful and answered my emails quickly. Now I can't wait to take it to the field and turn some heads.