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Home Palmer Anatomy of a Typhoon

Anatomy of a Typhoon
Click on a part to go to its description.

The barrel is match honed for maximum accuracy. Spiral vented barrels help quiet your shots and they look nice ;-)
Spiral Venting add $39.00.

Rock Regulator
Adjusts the air pressure going into the autococking system. The regulator is adjusted with either a larger knob in the front or an allen screw. Once set properly, you should almost never have to adjust it again.

The Ram is enclosed in a tube on the left side of the gun and is what moves the bolt back and forth.

Linkage Arm
Connects the Ram to the bolt.

You should know what this does.

Sight Rail
Used to mount standard dove tail style sights, scopes, and Palmer sight hoods. The sight rail also has the gun's serial number stamped on it.

Feed Adapter
All newer Palmer guns use standard 3/8 inch size feed adapters. Only very old Palmer 'guns use a different size feed adapter.

Velocity Adjuster
The velocity adjuster uses a 3/16 allen key for adjustment. Once set, the velocity stays fairly consistant all day.

Pull it and the gun shoots. Typhoons use a pivoting trigger.

Grip Frame (4-way valve, etc.)
Beneath the PMI Rubber Grips ($24.00, replaces the original Battle Grips on this Typhoon) are the 4-way valve, hoses, timing rod, and rocker arm. The 4-way valve delivers gas to the front then back of the Ram to cock the gun.

Universal Mounting Braket (UMB)
The Universal Mounting Braket allows the mounting of hardware at the bottom of the grip, like the HPA system pictured here.
$23.00 from Palmer's.

The Stabilizer regulates the incoming air pressure into the gun and allows more shot-to-shot consistency. Available in 4 models (Male shown) and custom finishes.
$65.00 - $95.00 from Palmer's.