Hmm. It's been a while since I updated. Between working second shift and some ongoing projects I don't have the ambition to do much with the site. I do have some ideas for the site but I'll have to see what I can do to find the time and energy to actually, yah know, do something about it.

I whipped up a side feed adapter for my Tippmann F/A a while back. Pictures here, here, and here. If you're interested in one drop me a line and we'll talk price. I have a hopper adapter in mind but I'll need to find some time to make a prototype before I offer anything.


And we're back. Sorry about the extended down time. Between going to school full time, working part time, and having 3 kids under 5 years old at home the web site wasn't exactly on the forefront of my mind the last few months.

MXP will also be back although I can't say for sure when at this point. The database got fubared last year so I'd have to completely resetup the site which will take some serious time. Something I don't have a lot of these days. We'll see what summer brings. If you're in need some something (VM hammer or valve orings, main springs, screw sets, etc.) email me. I can't promise my response time will be quick but I'll do my best to help you out.

Just as an aside, be sure to check out ASP's new Cocker threaded 'Blockhead' Phantom bodies. Have Blue has had these in development for some time and it's nice to see this product come to fruition.


There's still a few items for sale in my post below. For best results, email me if you're interested in anything. Thanks to those who have bought stuff. It's really helped out.

If you'd be interested in a VMX Pro-Shot kit drop me a line. I may do a small run in the near future. I recently whipped one up for a customer and I'm happy with how it turned out [1 - 2 - 3]. Mine is the raw aluminum unit in the pics. Price will vary from $25 to $30 [price changed 4/4/09] depending on how many people are intersted. Black anodizing may be an option but that has yet to be determined.

I may also consider doing a run of Rainmaker frame adapters/mac mounts. You can view some pics and a little info here. Price hasn't been finalized but will most likely be between $50 and $75 [price changed 4/4/09].

I'm also going to try and whip up a few other odds and ends this summer. I'll post more about this as it developes.


Here you go folks! [link deleted 4/4/09] Cocker parts, VM parts, Bushy Parts, and lots of odds and ends.


Just a heads up for those of you looking for VM and Cocker parts. I've decided to sell the majority of my spare parts collection. I have a large stockpile of parts to sell. The plan as of today is to list everything at MCB next Saturday the 15th at about noon Central time. Get your Paypal accounts ready. I'll be posting a lot of parts.

Please do not email me asking what will be available, prices or to call dibs. I'm giving everyone a fair chance to pick stuff up here.


And we're back online. I finally got things set up with the new web host but I hadn't had time to get the site uploaded. Sorry about the downtime.

I've been extremely busy with school, work (got a new job as a machinist), and family life so I'm running way, way behind on email. In fact, you'd probably be better off not emailing me unless it's about something really important. Most general questions could be best answered in the forums at MCarterBrown. Lots of knowledgeable people there.

Sorry, no other news or updates. Just haven't had the time!


Just a heads up. I wont' have internet access for about a week because of the move so any orders received will be delayed. All orders received as of 9:30 pm central time today have been shipped. I'm also running waaay behind on email (what else is new). I'll get caught up as soon as I can.

Also, yes, I am aware that some people are having problems viewing the pictures at the MXP web site. I'll get it sorted out as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience!


I'm very happy to announce that Mass Extinction Paintball is now open. MXP is my official paintball business. This is something I've been working towards for some time now. Many thanks to Have Blue for his assistance.

VM68.com is also moving. We'll be switching hosts soon so there may be a hiccup in service. We're also physically moving. We bought my Grandparent's house (see the last update) and will be moving next weekend. Please be patient. I'll get to orders and email as soon as I can.


My grandmother died over the weekend so I'm running behind getting orders out. Please bare with me.

I did whip up a small update. I've added new double barrel pics here, here, here, here, here, and here. That's a lot of double barreled goodness! Many thanks to those who sent in pics.


VM68 and Sheridan Pump bolt orings are now back in stock.

I also have new rams for Rainmakers in stock now. Unless there is a bigger demand for them than I'm expecting, I'm only going to keep one in stock at a time. If you can add one to the shopping cart then I have one in stock. If you order two or more I'll just ship the one I have and then ship the others when I get them in.

I've also added 1/4" wide Teflon tape. It's a very handy size for paintball work. We now have extreme pressure (6000 psi) 1/8" pipe plugs as well.


I'm back from SPE and am in the process of getting caught up. There was also a death in the family this week so please bare with me.

VM68 main springs are now in stock. I think we're the only place that has them now. And before you form a lynch mob and come after me, VM/Sheridan bolt orings should be back in stock next week. Very sorry about the delay!

I've also added stainless screw sets for the Angel LCD, Bushmaster 2k, Matrix, and, just for the heck of it, the Equalizer.

There's lots going on behind the scene here so keep a look out for changes in the following months.


I got walloped with a nasty bug last week so I'm running behind getting orders out. If you ordered anything in the last week or so it either went out today or it will go out tomorrow. I apologize about the delay.

I just got in some new colors of 1/16" ID hose. We now have translucent yellow and purple as well as solid orange. I meant to order translucent orange but goofed up. I'll get it next time I order more. The tiny 3-56 threaded hose barbs for 1/16" hose are not in stock as well. You can find these on the pneumatic fittings page.

I'm in the process of switching over to a real shopping cart. I've been trying to get it done in my free time but free time isn't too plentiful these days. Keep a look out for that.


VM68 hammer orings are now in stock! We had 5000 of them custom made, however, 1100 are already spoken for.

Cyclone feed RT kits are currently back ordered but will be back in stock very soon.

For the curious, I put together a quick page about how a QEV works while a had a pair apart.


I've added a few misc. screws and Cocker screws to the selection.

VM/Sheridan bolt orings are temporarily out of stock. More have been ordered and will be back in stock soon.

VM hammer orings have also been ordered. They should be in stock within the next 6 weeks. VM main springs have also been ordered and will hopefully be in stock soon as well.

Looking for a high quality, aluminum bolt pin for your Viking or Excalibur? Check out Warped Airsmithing! I just got mine in the mail today and it's great.


Aluminum VM68 side rails are finally in and available for purchase! There are over 70 sets ready to go. Another new product is the aluminum ball feed inserts. The brass inserts won't be in stock for some time so these will have to fill the void for now.

In the very near future we will have red, blue, and green LP hose which will of coarse be available separately or with the Cocker hose kits. Expect to see that next week.

We will also have a very limited number of cyclone feed QEV kits for guns with RT kits. If these go well I will stock them as a regular item. Again, watch for that next week.

If you're looking for a great new barrel for your VM, ASP has Boomsticks in 10", 12", and 16" lengths for only $40.

I also added a small handful of custom VM pics here and some pics of woody, double barreled goodness here.


Finally got off my duff and made an installation guide for the cyclone feed QEV kits.


Cyclone Feed QEV kits are back in stock. If you have a set on backorder it will be going out tomorrow.


A few new things are now available in the VM68.com Store. We have stainless steel screw sets for Cockers as well as hose kits, valve jam nuts, and E-Blade eye cover screws. We've also added several things to the Pneumatic Fittings page as well.

Cyclone Feed QEV Kits are temporarily out of stock although we expect to have more by the end of the week.

We're down to our last 30 or so 68 Special Oring Kits of the 100 we started with. Once these are gone there will be no more. Get 'em while you can.

Sorry, no VM side rails or hammer orings yet.


I ran into a minor hitch with the side rails and was not able to send them out to ano when I had hoped to. Everything has been sorted out and they will finally be going out to ano this week.

By request we now carry reveiver pins for Tippmann Model 98s. We also have QEV kits for Tippmann's cyclone feed in stock. Check 'em out on the Tippmann page.


And there we have it. 200 machined VM-68 side rails. My new tumbler will be here on Monday and if all goes well they'll go out to the anodizer the following Monday.


We now have primary sear pins and trigger pins in stock for VMs. We also have sear pins for Autocockers as well. Last but not least, we now have stainless steel screw sets for Vikings and Excaliburs.


It's my birthday today and I just so happen to have a small supply of bottom line adapters in stock for VMs again. The batch of side rails is also nearly complete. I spend the entire day working on them yesturday. All that's left is the corner bevel then they need to spend some time in the tumbler and it's off to ano. I'm shooting to have them up on the site by the end of July.


As some of you already know, Sheridan no longer carries any replacement parts for the VM-68. Pro-Team's supply is also getting smaller as each day goes by. We're working hard to fill the void. A source for main springs has been found and I'm just waiting for final pricing (thanks Smiley!). I'm also hot on the trail of hammer orings. Other small parts are also in the pipeline. We should have something for you within the next couple months.

A while back I also mentioned that a large batch of side rails was in the works. I spent some time a while back and got them milled to length and they're ready for the final milling which will be done next week. Then it's off to ano. We're getting close!

In other news, I spent some time updating a few pages around the site. I deleted a bunch of dead links on the links page and the "Where to buy VM parts" page. I added a few custom VMs here and here. Added a picture of the DOC9000 here. I made up a batch of delrin magazine plugs for stock class Sheridans and added those to the store.


Just a quick update to let everyone know that VM68.com will be at the Spring Pump Event '06. ASP and Punisher's Customs have graciously allowed me to share a little table space with them. We'll have our entire offering there and (hopefully) a few new things. See you there!


Wow, time flys when you have kids! I made a few updates around the site within the last few months but I never updated the main page. I made a small update to the misc. double barreled guns page as well as a couple of the Nasty Typhoon pages. I made some other updates around the site as well but don't remember what they were.

The biggest change that's been happening at the site is the VM68.com Store. I've been adding lots of items over the last few months. Including Sheridan and VM68 bolts oring, Tippmann 68 Special oring kits, and some pneumatic fittings just to name a few things. This coming year I plan to add a lot more parts as well. I'm currently looking into VM68 main springs, Sheridan and VM68 safety springs, VM hammer orings, and I have a LARGE batch of VM side rails in the works. There are other things too but you'll just have to wait and see what they are :)


Just another quick update. Added a couple new VM pics here and here. If you haven't seen Punisher's newest creation go check it out right now! It's amazing!

In other news, VM68.com now has a shopping cart. Woot! Everything should be running smoothly but if you run into any problems let me know right away.


Dang. Where'd that month go. We are happy to introduce our newest addition, Leela Mader. Everything is going well but if anyone ever tells you that having a newborn and a 1 year old is easy they're full of it!

Starting today I will be accepting orders again. Please be patient with me though. I've got my hands full so it might take me a few days to get back to you.

I'm also in the process is trying to add some kind of shopping cart to the site so look for that soon.

Only one small update. Added another Nasty Hurricane picture here.


I ain't dead yet! Some of you may have noticed I haven't been responding to emails. Well, I haven't had internet access for the last couple months but even if I did I wouldn't have had time to respond because I've been too busy. We've been doing some remodeling in preparation for munchkin #2, which will be born tomorrow. That leads me into my next point...

I will not be taking orders for at least a couple more weeks! Please hold off on emailing me about ordering parts until I update the site again. Thank you for your patience. And speaking of parts...

VM68 DYE Boomsticks are sold out and I will not be getting more. If you need one, please contact Dan at BFG Paintball. Last I checked he still had 10", 12", and 16" barrels in stock.

Just a small update to the site this time around. Added a few more Nasty Typhoon pics here, here, and here. Sorry, that's all I have for now.


Happy holidays!

Just a quick update for Christmas. I completely redid the PPS Nasty section. I broken it up into more organized sections as well as added a few pics. Not a huge deal but something I've been meaning to do none the less. Enjoy!


Holy lack of updates Batman! Despite what you may think I am in fact not dead. Between working 10 hours a day and having a 6 month old I don't have a lot of free time these days. Not to mention there's another little one on the way! I did finally manage to get a small update done though.

There's a bunch of new VM pics here and a couple here and here. I added another Nasty pic here and here. I added a few more double barreled pics as well.

I now have a limited number of VM-68 DYE Boomsticks in stock. DYE no longer makes any VM threaded barrels so get 'em while you can!

If you email me and I don't get back to you right away please be patient. I'm doing my best to get to email but it's pretty low on my priority list. With a face this cute she can't help but monopolize my time. :)


Right, so anyway this horse walks into a bar and...

As you may have guessed from the lack of updates, I've been kinda busy. Of noteworthy importance is the birth of our first child! A beautiful baby girl born on May 13th, at 12:03 am. Isn't she cute :)

In other news, I made a few small updates to the site in the last few months, I was just too lazy to update the main page. Lets see... I updated the Sheridan Recognition Guide, the Misc. Double Barrels page, and added a couple new Nasty pics. I also cleaned house on the Links page. The "Where to buy VM parts" received some serious house cleaning as well.

I have a pile of custom VM pics I need to go through and get posted sometime too. I'll also have a review of a new product. Sorry, it's not VM related but it is really cool!

On the VM68.com Store front, I've added a few bits and peices to the selection, including some parts for Sheridan pump guns. Black ano VM side rails are sold out again. I'm working on the next batch but don't expect it any time soon. I might also be making some other parts but I'm not ready to say anything about that yet.

Does that placate your need for an update, Erik? :)


Congratulations Rachel and Kevin! May your new life together be filled with happiness and joy!

On to the update: A few new VM pics here and here. For the curious, you can now check out my paintball patch collection here. And last but certainly not least, I've put together a new Sheridan Recognition Guide. The one at the PGPOG is good but I think mine is better ;) There's more to come!

I now carry a cheaper set of VM Field Strip kits. They have plastic heads like the stock Magnum/EXC peices and are not all metal but at only $10 a set they're a much cheaper alternative to the stainless set. I'm also looking into a source for other parts like springs and o-rings. We'll see how that goes. Don't hold your breath.

On a personal note... *sigh* It's tough losing two long time pets in 6 months. You were a good little fur ball Misty. You'll be missed.


FYI, my [deleted] email is back up and running. It's actually been working for a while, I just haven't bothered to update the site.

The blemished side rails are gone but I will have another batch back from the anodizers shortly. Probably within a week or two.

Not much new around here. I've added a few more technical tid bits to the Stuff page. Finally got around to adding some more custom VM pics here, here, and here. I deleted some old links and added a few new ones to the links page as well. That's it for now.


My [deleted] email address seems to be bouncing so for now please use [deleted].


I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the side rails are in, 13 sets total. The bad news is that they don't look the greatest. Due to the poor prep work I did in the rush to get them to the anodizers they don't look as nice as I'd like them to be. Because of this I'll be running a 'Blemish Sale'. Instead of the normal $15 per set I'll knock them down to $10 a set. So what do they look like? The ano is a little splotchy in spots and they have a dull finish. Somewhat like a satin finish. But hey! If you're not picky, they're black and they won't break!

I'd also like to point out that my wife is pregnant with our first! The baby is due in May. It's a strange feeling knowing I'm going to be a daddy! =()


I have good news and sorta good news. First the sorta good news. The next batch of side rails are finished being anodized but they won't be here for a week or two yet. Long story, I won't get into it.

Now the good news. The next batch of side rails (35 sets) are almost finished and will be sent into the anodizer in 4 or so weeks if everything goes well. I just need to do the final prep work before sending them in.

In other news, I received an email from Crosman the other day (Crosman owns Sheridan). I was informed that some of the prices listed on the VM-68 and Magnum parts list pages were incorrect and they've had some angry customers when they found out the prices were higher than what I have shown here at the site. For the latest prices you should always contact Sheridan. Prices are subject to change!

I also recently discovered two more bits of information about old PMI-3s/VMs and have updated the VM Evolution page. The things I just found out were the short white bolts and the difference in trigger assemblies.


A lot of people have been asking me what's up with the next batch of VM side rails. They're at the anodizers right now and I should get them back in a week or two. I'll update the site when they come in so stay tuned!

I've added a few more bits of info to the Stuff page. Other than that it's been slim pickin's for new material. I've been pretty busy this summer and haven't had much time for the site. I will hopefully have some good stuff in a few months though.



Wow! A real update! I've added a number of tid bits to the Stuff page. Mostly peices of info I've collected at forums that I thought was interesting. I've had most of this stuff on my hard drive for a while but just kept forgetting to put it up. I also put up a few new pictures.

Not much new on the VM front. All the Freak backs I had Doc Nickel make up have been sold. I'm also temporarily sold out of side rails. I should have another batch of side rails done but the beginning of July. I added Punisher's full auto VM mod to the site for those that are trying to get a working full auto VM. I also updated the VM trigger page for the first time in 2 years. Lastly I added a bit about low pressure to the EC or LPC page.

For Palmer fans I added some info about tweaking your Blazer for better performance. It's some ideas that Punisher had suggested at the Tinker's Guild Forum and also touches on Typhoons a little.


My wife and I are now in our new house. Woohoo! However, this also means I've been very busy the last 3 weeks unpacking, working on projects, etc., etc. My DSL line still isn't back up either so if you've emailed me recently please bare with me. I'll get to you eventually.

In other news, I've had a small batch of VM side rails done for a little over a month now. If I sell out of these (and there aren't many sets left) it will probably be a month or two before I can get the next batch into the anodizers.

There is also only 1 black and 1 polished VM Freak back left.

Nothing else is new at the moment. I have 5 different guns at 3 different custom shops so once I start getting some of those back I should have some new things to write about. Stay tuned.


If you're still thinking about getting a VM Freak back you'd better hurry. I only have 1 polished back left and I'll be getting 3 unclaimed black anodized backs in a week or two.

Other than the Freak backs things have been pretty slow around here. I've added a few new custom VM pics here and here. I moved all the VM-16s that Skip has made to the latter of the two aforementioned pages.


The good news: The Freak backs are in! You can check out a couple pics here and here. I only had time to polish the 3 on the left and will finish the rest tomorrow. Everything fits well and they polish up very nicely. Great job, Doc!

The bad news: Due to the cost of the polishing supplies and the time it takes me to polish each back, the price for the backs will now be $60 each plus postage for either polished or anodized black. If you've already emailed me and said you wanted a back then you can still get them for $55 (there's 5 of you), but from this point on the price will be $60. Sorry, I don't want to do it but I have to.

In other news... My wife and I just bought our first house! Woohoo! Don't expect many site updates in the next month or two because we'll be pretty busy. I might get a little behind on my emails too so please forgive me if I don't get back to you right away.


Have you always wanted a Freak back for a VM-68? Well I had 15 made (4 are claimed so far) by Doc's Machine and will be getting them very soon. They're $55 each plus postage. It's the same price for polished or black anodized aluminum. The polished ones I can send out right away when I get them. There will be a wait for the black anodized ones. I'm only taking checks or money orders for these. Sorry, no Paypal. Email me if you're interested.

Here's a pic of the one Doc made for himself. They'll look just like this.

If you need a tip there's obviously Smart Parts but White Wolf Airsmithing makes some as well. White Wolf makes some nice tips. I just bought a Boomstick style 'rain' tip in nickel and am very impressed with it.

In other news, I've updated the VM Sniper Guide. There was some technically inacurate info in there and I added some more info as well. It also makes a good general upgrade guide too. There's also been a lot of talk of LP and VMs at the VM Empire Forum the last few months. To clear up some things about the EC mod I've added this page. Hopefully it helps a little.

I've added a few new custom VM pics here and here as well as a couple fun pics here. I found yet another difference between older and newer VM and have updated the VM Evolution page.


Another quick little update. I've rescanned some more old VM related ads and found a new one. I also found the new product announcement for Pro-Team's Pro Feed.

Besides working on a big batch of aluminum VM-68 side rails I've also been working of some stuff for the Online Paintball Museum. I've spent the last couple months going through my old paintball magazines and scanning old ads and other things of interest. I also sent in a bunch of pics that I scavenged from around the net over the years. You can check out what I've done so far here. There's more to come!


Back online... finally.

Just a tiny update this time. I recently bought the custom Dan Debone VM mentioned in the last update. There are several pics up here.

I also have a couple VMs for sale as well as some parts. Check them out here. I recently received a few more of the VM-68 stainless field strip screw sets. They're going fast so get 'em while you can. I forgot to mention in the last update that I bought a couple of the VM-68 Shirts and they look great!

As some of you may or may not know, I'm working on a batch of aluminum VM-68 side rails. If everything goes as planned I should have 70 sets done and anodized black in 4-5 weeks. They will sell for $15 per set plug postage. I'll keep you updated as I get more info.


Just a quick update. I've rescanned some VM ads. They look a lot better than the old ones. I also found the new product announcement for Airgun Dynamics Pro-CompV.3. I also took some new, clearer shots of my Double Trouble Trigger. The Evolution of the VM-68 page was also updated. It seems like every time I think I got everything something new pops up! Jakel of Divine Craft Paintball corrected me about one of the descriptions I had for a custom VM. Thanks Jakel!

I whipped up another VM shirt design. You won't be able to buy anything with the design until tomorrow though.

I also uploaded another Nasty Typhoon picture as well as a couple shots of my new Over/Under Nasty Typhoon. Check them out here. I also broke the Nasty pics pages into 3 pages instead of 2.


I still haven't had a chance to get everything done that I wanted to do for this update. I should have some more stuff done in a couple weeks.

I finally finished up the other VM T-shirt design. I've ordered one of each of the designs on a white T-shirt and will let you know how they look.

I've rearranged the custom VMs pages a bit. There are some new pics here, here, here, and here. I also forgot to mention something in the VM hammer lightening page so that's been updated.

I've added some new Nasty Typhoon pics here. I've also added a short video of my new Over/Under Nasty Typhoon being shot. Check it out!

It's time to clean out the closet again. I have a number of things for sale in the classifieds so have a look.


My DSL line has been down for over a week so if you've emailed me and I have gotten back to you yet please be patient. This update doesn't include everything I wanted to do but I'll get the rest up when my DSL line is back up.

I have a short write up about lightening the VM's hammer here. I also have several new pictures of my VM-16 here. This should help to explain most people's questions about how I made the shroud attachments. I've added another VM picture here. I have a few better quality pictures of my VMs here, but nothing really new.

I actually updated the PGP and the Tippmann F/A pages. They were fairly out dated so I cleaned them up and added a few things.

On the Palmer front I have a few better quality pictures of my Blazer here. I also have a few pictures of my CF PGP Stroker here as well as some other pictures. I have a fun new toy coming which will result in some interesting new content for the site.

My KP2-DF has been sold. Thanks Ian!

And for the one or two people interested in my collection you can check things out here and here. Stay tuned, there's more to come!


I can't beleive December is already here. Sheesh! Where does the time go. Anywho, I'll be making an update in the very near future. I'm waiting for my new digital camera to come so I can take some pics of a few projects I've been working on. In the mean time you can check out some items I have for sale. I finally finished working on my KP2-DF and have it up for grabs. I don't want to sell it but I need the money. I also have a few VM-68 parts for sale.


Another month, another update

A few more custom VM pics here and here. I think I have now documented every change that was made to the PMI-3/VM-68 during it's entire production run. You can read about those changes here. I've also added another VM picture here.

I've added another Nasty Typhoon picture here. Thanks to Craig Palmer for sending in that pic! I've also added another pic here. Well that's it for now.


Finally, an update! I've been pretty busy lately and haven't had much time to do site updates.

The biggest thing is that I finally got around to writing a fairly complete guide to VM Valve Maintenance & Tuning. I updated the VM animation too. There were a few small bugs in it that I've been meaning to take care of since I first posted it. There are two new custom VM pics here. I've also slightly rearranged the VM section. This will make it easier for me to make updates in the future.

In Palmer news, I've been working on a Blazer FAQ and have the first public version up here. If you have any additions please email me.

I've also set up a CafePress store for VM shirts, hats, mugs, and mousepads! I'm open to suggestions to improve the current design and I'm also working on a second design.


Not much new. I've been making lots of small tweaks all over the place but not much really worth mentioning. I got my Blazer back from Palmer's Monday. Things are just as sweet as you said Glenn :) I've also added a couple work-in-progress shots of my KP-2 to the Stuff page. It's almost done... finally.

My Z1 and SL-68 have been sold. I still have a few other goodies for sale though so check 'em out! Don't forget to pick up a VM-68 stainless steel screw set while you're at it ;)

And from the 'who really cares' files... I finally added a new shot of all my paintball guns to the About Me page. By some miracle I had all my paintball guns in one place and assembled at the same time so I thought I'd take a quick picture of them. I also added a quick little gallery page of most of my VM goodies.


As promised, more VM goodies! The much requested VM-68 exploded views!

I've decided to sell my Montneel Design Z-1 and it's in the classifieds. I hate to let it go but there are more important things I need right now.


A few new things. I finally found an old ad for the Turbo Loader which is with the other VM ads here. More custom VMs here, here, and here. I'll have some more VM goodies in a week or two...

There's more double barreled Palmer goodness here as well. I also have up some more pics of Palmer's Grinder here.

I currently have a number of items for sale in the classifieds. Please check them out :) I currently need the money to pay for a couple new toys and to put towards a house. For those of you that care, the house deal from a week ago feel threw :( Oh, well. My wife and I will have to keep looking.


Well, this is a first. A double barreled only update! I've added a few pics here, here, and here.

It's been kind of a slow month, so that's it for now.


Now available from vm68.com is a VM-68 Stainless Steel Screw Set for only $10! More info can be found here.

I also have one brand new Skinner K4H04 solenoid for sale which I bought from Have Blue of Air Soldier Products. It's a great valve for tinkerers!

Here's a little description: "Skinner K4H04 valve with 5 volt coils. They're just like the valves you'd find in a Bushy or Tribal (and very similar to the Impulse and Shocker valves), but the ports are threaded (M3) so you can put hose barbs on (rather than machine a custom manifold)."

Asking $60 shipped. Picture here.


Look Erik, an update!

I finally got around to writing up a short article covering the evolution of the PMI-3/VM-68. I also fixed a number of small problems with the VM Screws page. All the thread sizes and lengths should be correct now. The links page was also given a small overhaul.

I also put up a bunch of new custom VM pics here, here, here, and here. Also a new borrowed pic here.

I also put up some more Nasty pics here and here.

And last but not least, a pic of my Viewloader collection. It's a family reunion!


Ahh, a some new material...

I made several small site maintenance changes all over the place, but nothing too big. One thing worth pointing out, I finally fixed a long time problem with the site that would occur when using Internet Exploder... err... I mean Explorer (with the Mac version anyway). The main navigation table at the top left wouldn't look right because the text would be displayed to large. Using a little JavaScript and style sheets, I've finally fixed this.


A big 'thank you!' to all those who bought some stuff from me. I still have a bunch of fittings for sale and am open to an offer for the whole lot.

I'm working on some stuff at the moment, but don't expect a major update for at least a couple weeks. Life, work, and eBay are keeping me pretty busy at the moment.

I did manage to get out and do some ballin' this last Saturday. I loaned the VM-16 to a friend and it performed great! Using the Taso Winforce barrel and Marbs, it didn't break a ball all day. I have some parts getting anodized for it at the moment and will have some new pics up when they get back. My main VM, which I have dubbed 'OddJob', also performed well with only 1 ball break all day using my 8.5" Armson barrel and Marbs. I've got a pic of how I used it that day here. I also loaned my 16" Smart Parts All American to a friend and he didn't have a ball break all day either! What a day :-)


Check out what I have for sale!


I'll cut to the chase: I've added a few new custom VM pics here and here. I finally got around to writing the 'How To Fix a Leaky ASA' guide that some people where asking for. I've reworked the VM section a little as well. Hopefully it should be a little easier to navigate now. There is also another new pic of an over-under Nasty Typhoon here.

I'll be posting a number of items for sale in the very near future. I have some VM parts, 'Cocker parts, and lots 'o fittings that I don't need anymore. Check back soon.


Not much new. I've added a few new custom VM pics here and here. I've also added another VM pic here. Thanks to Don Howard for that pic. BTW, love that Dodge Neon, Don ;)

There are some... uh... 'things' in the works, so sit tight. =)


Not much new right now. My Grandfather passed away last Monday (02/04/02) at age 86, so things haven't been normal around here lately. Things just aren't going to be the same now that he's gone :~(

On a more upbeat note, I've flooded eBay with a bunch of my stuff. Please check it out!


I spent several hours putting this update together, so I hope you like it! To make things simple, I'll just list off what's new:

Now, what to do next...


Welcome to the site's new home at www.VM68.com! I'm still in the process of moving some of the site over from the old place, but for the most part everything is ready to go. Enjoy!

Sorry, no updates to the site this time, but I should have some real goodies soon...


Hey! First update of the new year. Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and a happy new year. I know I did! I now have all the parts I need but 1 thing (or 2 depending on how you look at it) to complete my big VM project. To bad I'm swamped at work and don't have time to work on it.

I made the switch from dial-up to DSL but I'm still keeping my account with my old ISP. My email, however, has only been half working lately. I can receive emails but I can't send them. If you NEED to get ahold of me, you can email me here. Please make sure that your question isn't already answered somewhere on the site. 97.3% of the emails I get are already answered on the site.

My purple to black fade VM has been sold. I had to sell it because I really needed the money. It will be missed :( Next on the chopping block is my KP-2 DF. I bought kind of on a whim as a project 'gun. I'm currently doing some restoration work to it and will put it up for sale when I'm done.


Another 'Finally'. I finished customizing my Purple VM and have it in the classifieds.

And another small update. Just some new VM pics here and here.


Finally! One of the 4 Thompson stocks I will be selling is up on eBay. Start your bidding!

Another small update. Add a page for the Dual Mag. Also added a couple more pics to the Palmer Nasties page. And a page with some polishing tips.


Quick update. I've added a VM Magnum parts list with prices. New VM pics here, here, here, and here. I also have the patent document up for the double trouble trigger. More pics of another Palmer Nasty typhoon also.


I recently found a gold mine of good VM stuff. I found several old VM advertisements and put them up here. I also found an old APG review of the Black Rain EC. BTW, I moved all the VM reviews and guides to a separate page to reduce clutter. Next on the list is this new page of custom VMs. This is one of my favorite pages. Mmmm, all those rare parts. And the big item (at least for me), the holy grail of rare VM upgrades: Pneumatic Ordinance's Bullpup Conversion. The one VM upgrade I've never been able to find used.

Getting back to regular broadcasting... New custom VMs here, here, here, and here. I've also updated the 'About Me' page with a little info for the 1 or 2 of you that might be interested.

And finally, I have several more items for sale. The items without prices I'm pretty negotiable but the stuff with prices I'm kind of firm on. The 4 Thompson stocks I said I will be selling should be up for grabs soon. Sit tight.


Well, the site is about 4 years old now, so I guess it's time for an update.

I finished one of my VM projects that I've been working on recently. This isn't the BIG project that I was talking about a couple months ago though, that's still in the works (grumble, grumble...). Anyway, here it is: The VM-16.

I've also written a short review with pictures of the VM Double Trouble Trigger. I acquired one recently at a great price (second one I've owned so far).

I've added two new custom VM pics here and here. And I've actually added a new pic to the Misc VM pics page (top pic). Added a pic to the VM valve job page. I don't think I'll be running out of air with this setup. I've also added 3 more pics of my Carter VM here.

I've added two more pics of the rare Duece pump here. Added a pic of a Nasty Houndstooth also. I split the main Palmer Nasty page into two pages now since there are getting to be a fair amount of pics. Of course I'm always looking for more so send them in if you've got some.

One of my latest purchases was this nice KP-2 direct feed. You could probably say this is politically incorrect ;) I've also added a new picture of all my 'guns to the About Me page.

In the near future I will be auctioning off 4 of my 5 VM Thompson stocks on ebay (one a week). I'll post something here when I do, so keep your eyes open. I'll also be selling a few odds and ends that I've made. Those will go on my classifieds page.


My thoughts and prayers go out to the families who have lost loved ones today from these horrendous acts of terrorism. It is a tragedy when innocent lives are lost due to the actions of cowards.


Quick update. Added a new pic to the Machined Bodies page. It's the Yellow, Orange, Red to Black fade VM. If you like the powder coating you can get in touch with Doug Martin who owns a powder coating business with a friend (that's his friend's VM). I purchased my purple to black fade VM from him and they do very nice work.


Here's a couple 'For Sale' pages that might interest a few people:

This seller will also be listing several VMs for sale on ebay in the following weeks. I also have a few items for sale.

New custom VM pics: page 2, Snipers, Machined Bodies. A new page of double barrel paintball guns. As always, I'm looking for more pics, so send them in if you have any. More stuff coming soon...


Doc Nickel is currently having a garage sale. Check it out, you might find some good deals! I already bought one thing and I might go back for seconds :)

Again, not much new right now. I've added a few more custom VM pics and made a couple additions to the "where to buy VM parts" list , but that's about it. I should be making a real update in the near future.


Not much new. Added a new pic of my Carter VM, another sniper setup, and another machined VM (chopped ASA). I've also added a pic of all my paintball guns to the About Me page.

Depending on how the weekend goes, I might have some new stuff to put up soon.


I'd just like to take a moment to say 'Thank you' (and of course 'I love you' :) to my wife for putting up with me for two whole years. Our second anniversary was on the 17th. Two years... where does the time go?

Yet another update to the "where to buy VM parts" list. Slight update to the links page. I've also rearranged and added a few more custom VMs to the site. I've made a small update to the BBT Typhoon write up and the VM Sniper Guide (the 'Barrels' part) in light of some new information. I've also scanned a pic of an old Palmer double pump and added it to the Nasty pics page.

I've added a link to VM Edit Pro to the VM-68 section. It's a cool Shockwave program that lets you customize your own virtual VM-68. Check it out!

After several years of wanting one, I finally have a Carter VM. Expect more pics and maybe a short write up in the near future.

And last but by no means least, I recently conducted a small email interview with the creator of the VM-68. It's kinda short, but it's a good read!


I have several ebay auctions running right now. Please check them out!

I will be making an update to the site later this week. I'm waiting for something to arrive in the mail first...


Well, today's my birthday so here's an update for ya. Another minor update to the "where to buy VM parts" list, more custom VMs (page 2, 3, VMX's, and a new section), a small update to the VM Sniper Guide, and probably some other smaller things I'm not remembering.


Another quick update. I've added a few more pics to the custom VMs page (page 3 and machined bodies) and a few more places to the "where to buy VM parts" list. I also added a page explaining how I made a couple useful tools for my VM.


I've added a couple more things to the "where to buy VM parts" list, including a link to Triggernomics. If you have a fair amount of money to burn and want a truly custom trigger, check out this guys work. It's amazing!

I've also added a page that lists the thread size and length of all the screws in a VM. I made this primarily for myself, but others might find it useful too.

It seems like everything in my life it going wrong right now, so my big VM project probably won't get done as soon as I had hoped. ...sigh...


I've added a few more things to the "where to buy VM parts" list. There are a couple more custom VM pics up too (page 2 and 'milled bodies').

Since it's available at other web sites and you can buy the plans on ebay, I've decided to release my method on how to make a full auto VM. I've known how to do this for a few years, but have been reluctant to share the info because there are serious flaws with it. One benefit with my method over other VM mods is that you don't need to make any permanent modifications to your VM to do it. Check it out if you're curious.

Maybe someday I'll share my double trouble trigger plans with the world too...


I rearranged the custom VMs page a bit as well as added a few more pics. I also rearranged the "where to buy VM parts" list a bit and added a few more things.

If all goes well, in a few weeks I will unveil a very special project that I've been working on for quite some time. It should interest most VM owners...


I rewrote parts of the PRO-COMPv.3 review (again). I added in a few things I forgot to write about originally and made it more readable. I also rewrote a few other things here and there, but nothing major.


I fixed a minor problem on the animated VM-68 page that may have affected Internet Exploder users. I've also added a few more pics to both custom VMs pages. I'll be getting a few goodies soon too. More on that later.


Droool.... This is for sale on Warpig right now (search for VMX). He's asking $495. If I had the money to blow I'd buy it! I've also added it's picture to the custom VMs page.


More site maintenance. I've updated the links page. If you find any bad links, please let me know. I've also further optimized a few pics around the site so they load faster. I've also put together a page about where to buy VM parts. This is the #1 question that shows up in my inbox, so maybe this should help people out :) I've also updated the PGP page a bit.

And the big thing: I finally got around to creating an animated VM-68! I've been meaning to do this for a long time. Why did I make it? I don't know. I just thought it would be cool =)


I've done a little site maintenance today, but nothing major.

So what do I have planned for future updates you ask? You can expect a major update to the VM FAQ sometime this year. It'll be a major rewrite with lots of stuff added/deleted. I've started it, but it's a long way off from being complete (and no, I don't need any help. Thanks.). I also have a few other VM goodies planned.

As far as PPS stuff goes, don't expect much. I'd like to get a Palmer barrel for my VM this summer, but the way things are going right now that isn't likely to happen :( I'd also like to pick up a couple Stabilizers, put like I said...


IMPORTANT NOTICE! Want to own my Mortal Komabt arcade collection? Here's your chance!


Wow! A real update! I started this in the beginning of December and finally finished it today. Here it is: The VM-68 Sniper Guide. I decided to make this in response to the numerous emails I get about how to make a VM sniper setup. Hope you enjoy it!


Bored? Check out some of the other stuff I do in my free time. [link deleted]


Well, I haven't updated the site in a while (like that's a shock), so here's some new stuff for you to devour:

  • Added a pic of a F/A with .45 grips to the Tippmann F/A page.
  • Finally updated the prices on the Stroker price list.
  • Added a lot of new pics to the custom VMs page. I also split it into two serparate pages.
  • Lots of minor changes here and there that I don't remember.
  • I'm also working on a few major projects, but don't expect to see anything soon. Plus paintball season is approaching here =)


    I've added an order form to the VM Parts list page. I don't think a copy should cause a problem when ordering, but if Sheridan requests an original order form, please let me know.

    I've added another pic of a Nasty Typhoon to the Nasty Pics page. Here's what NOT to do to a Nasty Typhoon!
    Bastardizing a work of art such as a Nasty should be a crime!


    The VM FAQ has been updated! Yes, that's right, I have actually updated the VM FAQ to 6.2. The one major change is an updated and complete VM parts list. I've also updated a few odds and ends in the faq.

    I have also put the VM parts list on it's own page. Remember, I'm not selling the parts, get them from Sheridan.


    Not a lot going on at the moment. Though I did type up the VM68 Manual, which I received free in the mail from Sheridan (a little to my suprise). I can't beleive I didn't do this a lot sooner. I also added another VM to the custom VMs page. It's another sniper setup, similar to Peter Yee's.

    Expect some interesting updates in the coming months as I work on some... 'different' projects...


    Attention VM owners! There is a VM with a ProComp upgrade on Warpig classifieds. The asking price is $275.


    I just happened to swing by eBay and noticed they finally added a paintball section. If you're looking for VM stuff, you'll be able to find some here.

    Expect a few more updates in the near future. 'Life' is beginning to settle down a little bit and should leave more time for updates. Including things like this: 1, 2, 3. The hammer is just a rough prototype. The final one will be much better (I hope!). The bolt was just a simple little thing that took a couple minutes. And the third thing is a rear velocity adjuster. I'll talk more about these things another time.


    I've made a quick update to the contact page. Please read it before emailing me about VM parts. The number of emails asking where to buy VM parts has actually increased since the last update where I stated that I don't know where to buy VM parts and listed some places you could try.

    Don't get me wrong, I have no problem helping people out who are having problems with their 'guns. I just can't help everyone out who's looking for stuff.


    No, I'm not dead, just to busy (or maybe lazy...) to update the site. Plus I just don't have much news to report. A new VMOG is starting up again. Check it out here. Patrick "GusDaDog" Triemstra sent me info about his custom VM. I think it's the best VM I've ever seen! Very nice!

    AirGun Dynamics has gone out of business which means you'll probably only be able to find the Pro-Comp V.3 used. And no, I don't know where you can find any used so please don't email me about it.

    A lot of the emails I've been getting ask where a person can get VM parts. Here's a quick list of some of the places you can try:
    I & I Sports
    Willy Pete Paintball
    Ebay's Sporting Goods Section (Search for paintball, VM, VM-68, etc.)
    Doc Nickel might have something laying around too. Doesn't hurt to ask.

    Other than those, just try around. Call or email and ask what places have for VM items. VM stuff is pretty hard to come by these days so you'll have to look around.

    I received this email from Ian Scott about the Sheridan Equalizer:

    " I actually came upon one of these relics last week. Since I wasn't able to find any info on this 'gun on the internet, I built this page for it. I hope this helps out anybody who's looking for info on the Equalizer. If anybody out there has any more info or input I'd sure like to get it, even if it's not worth anything more than a collecor's item - at least now there's *something* out there."

    Here's the site. The Equalizer uses VM barrels and feed blocks, so it's relevant to this site.


    What have I been doing lately you ask? Well, I slightly modified a stock VM bolt, started to make a homemade VM hammer, and I'm almost finished with a homemade VM Pro-Shot kit (just needs 2 holes drilled and tapped and to be blued). I also have plans to make several homemade VM bolts and a top back block (The small one. Why? You'll see.). I'll also be making the bolts out of a variety of materials. Pictures of most of this stuff are coming, give me a day or two.

    I received my new VM Magnum also (shown next to my Blazer for size comparison). It's a great gun in more ways than one. For starters it's old. Real old. Serial number P033603 to be exact (my friends VM is P123034). It's also got the purplish anno job that I'm sure most of you VM fans have seen pictures of. The trigger rails also have Sheridan's old Racine, WI address rather than the newer East BloomField, NY address. Finally, it has a chrome trigger instead of the newer black one and the grip is a "Stowaway 2", not the newer Lonestar grip. Those are the most noticeable differences between a new VM and an old VM.

    I had originally wanted to experiment on this gun, but considering it's age, I have since changed my mind. I'll just make custom internals instead =)


    I've made a small update to my for sale page. If you have a VM or VM related item you are trying to sell, email me and I will add it to the for sale page. I was going through my paintball stuff today and I was amazed at all the VM odds and ends I have accumulated over the years. And just so you know, if it's not on the for sale page it's not for sale.

    I scanned the Pro-Shot kit instructions and have them online in case someone needs them. You can view them here.

    I rewrote parts of my Pro-Comp review today as well. I've never really been happy with it, but it should read a little better now. I also made some minor changes to my VMX write up.


    I've added a new page that shows some different ways to do custom work to the VM's ASA. I've also added two more VMs to the custom VMs page.

    Finally found the new URL to the "Unofficial" VM Homepage: www.vmfaq.com.

    More stuff soon...


    It looks like I'll be getting a new VM soon. And a VM Magnum at that. Woohoo!

    I finally got around to taking some pics of my friends VM with the Black Rain EC on it. For those of you to young to remember, the Black Rain EC was the best expansion chamber money could buy for a VM. I probably never would have gotten around to this had my dad and I never bought a digital camera. Anyway... here's a picture of his VM. Here's a picture of the Black Rain EC.

    I've also added a pic of the trigger work I did to my friends VM. This is explained on my VM trigger page.

    And last but not least, I've added another rare custom VM to the Custom VMs page.


    It looks like Craig is doing such a great job with the Palmer site, my services aren't needed. Nice work Craig!

    You know, Palmer 'guns are good. Actually, they're too good. They're really reliable, highly accurate, and ultra low maintenance. Normally this is a very good thing and is something people look for in a 'gun. However, tinkers like me get restless. Palmer 'guns are not to be messed with, so I'm looking to buy a used VM. I'm looking for an in good condition, fairly stock VM. The more stock the better.

    I'm looking for a VM because I need something to mess with. Something to do all the custom work I always wanted to do but was afraid to try (hack off chunks of metal, etc). If you have a VM and are willing to sell it for something in the neighborhood of $75 (no tank, hopper, or mask), please email me!

    BTW, the new Classic Paintball banner is at the bottom of the page now.


    Not much going on. The Palmer site redesign is on hold for the time being. My wife and I will be moving this week, so don't expect to hear much from me.

    Pokey sent me an email about his site. He has expressed an interest in starting a new VM owners group! (the old VMOG is no longer accepting applications) Go check it out!

    I also stumbled across The VM Empire. Also worth a look.


    As some of you may or may not know, I am the co author of the PPS website. I am currently in the process of redesigning the site for various reasons. If you would like to check out my progress, click here. THIS IS ONLY A TEST! Do not email Brent or Craig about the test pages. If you would like to make a suggestion, complaint, or any other comment, please use the forum. Thanks!

    I added a much better picture of the Grinder to the Nasty Pics Page. Very impressive gun!

    I've been having problems viewing the 2 Stroker videos (1, 2) in Netscape 4.7. IE 4.5 works ok though. To bad I don't use IE. So I added some links that should fix the problem for anyone else that was having difficulties.


    Lots and lots of fixed links throughout the site. If you do find a bad link, please post a message in the forum, don't email me (I get enough email as it is).

    Brent Hoefling has the coolest 'gun in town... again. No surprise there I guess ;)


    After a long hiatus of over a year, I've finally updated the site. It's got a totally new layout and I've changed a few things here and there. The most notable addition is Peter Yee's custom VM. Thanks for the pics Peter! Sorry it took so long to get them up :(

    There are currently a lot of old links throughout the site too. I will try my best to weed them out over the next few days.

    I currently am not into paintball as much as I once was. I used to obsessed with the sport! Now I would consider myself normal. I don't spend ever last penny on paintball gear and upgrades. I just can't now that I'm married. I also have other interests too. Paintball is still a part of my life and I intend to spend more time with this site. I may only update it once a month, but something is better than nothing =)

    And for those of you interested, I don't currently make the VM double finger triggers. Although this may change in the future...

    I've got a new redirect: http://go.to/chrispaintball. Use this instead of the old visitweb one. I also plan on doing some cleaning up of the site. Like taking care of old links, etc. Post a message on the message board if something doesn't work. Thanks! (10/13/99)

    Well, it's been a long time since I've updated. Here's what's changed. The PGP Stroker has been sold to Brent Hoefling (he's a great guy, I know he'll take good care of it!). As you might have guessed, I'm losing interest in paintball. I'm not about to quit, I'm just not into it as much as I was. And if you've emailed me and I never got back to you, I'm very sorry. In the last few months here's what's happened:

    As you can see, things have been busy on this end. Things are starting to settle down, so feel free to email me. (10/12/99)

    Wow. It's been over 2 months since I updated the site! Not much new. I updated the classifieds page. Hey Russ, I fixed the 'Stuff' page now too. If anyone finds any other broken links, missing pages, etc., please let me know. (06/26/99)

    I updated the classifieds page. I have some junk for sale that some of you tinkers' might be interested in. It looks like the BBT Typhoon will be sold soon, as well as the PGP. Both 'guns will be missed. (4/16/99)

    After a long leave of absence, Chris's Paintball Page is back on line! Nothing has changed since the site went down March 7th. Also, if you make a link to my page on your page, please us the http://go.to/chrispaintball address instead of the long FortuneCity address.

    Chris's Paintball Page was, for some unknown reason, deleted from FortuneCity's servers March 7, 1999. That was the second time it had happened, so I decided to find a more reliable place to put the site. I was going to put it on my ISP's servers, but they will only allow 5 MB of space. So I finally decided to put it back on FC. Probably a bad move, but it's free and easy. What's a poor, soon to be married college student supposed to do?! ;)

    As my life becomes increasingly 'complicated' I'll have to stop making updates to this page. Life has really started to catch up to me. And with my wedding coming up in July, I just don't have the time to work on the site and still have time to do all the other things I need to do. It's been a great year and I thank all of my visitors and those who have linked to this page. Take care! (4/12/99)

    Happy Birthday Robyn! ^_^   For those of you looking for something unique, check out my ideas for 2 custom PGPs. My Blazer review will be coming within the next two weeks. I'll finally have time to write it over spring break. (03/07/99)

    Ugh... Do you ever want to crawl in a hole and hibernate. I've felt a little under the weather for the last few weeks. I haven't gotten anything done for my site. However, I did finally finish up the Technical section at the Palmer Site. My site has also broken the 5000 visitor mark! (03/03/99)

    Minor tweaking to the Nasty page. (2/26/99)

    Minor tweaking and additions to the Links page and the PGP page. (2/18/99)

    I've added a few things here and there. There's a pic of a Deuce on the Nasty page. I actually made some changes to the PGP page too. I got my Blazer back from Doc Nickel yesterday. I'll write a review and post it soon. (2/17/99)

    Just another quick update. I've added yet *MORE* links to the Links Page. I've been doing some work for the Palmer site and there's a lot going on around here anyway, so I haven't had a lot of time to work on the site. And guys, don't forget Sunday is Valentine's Day ^_^ (2/11/99)

    Just a quick update today. I've added a short blurb about my Blazer on the Palmer page (with a picture!). I also ran across the Sovereign Owners Group. The site is new but shows a lot of promise. I always did like those Sovereigns :) (1/29/99)

    I've added a few new pics here and there. I've added a pic of my BBT Typhoon with the pump kit on it. I've also added two new pictures of my PGP Stroker. And of course, I've added a pic of my cool new drop forward stock by Doc Nickel. (1/25/98)

    I received my custom DF stock from Doc Nickel the other day. It's sweeeet! I'll be sending the Blazer to Doc this week for a stainless hardline and some additional trigger work. I'll add pics when I get it back. I have also added a new pic to the Nasty Page. It's a rare picture of the Palmer Grinder (Thanks Ralph!). (1/18/99)

    As you may have noticed, there has been some big changes. The frames are gone, I'm using style sheets now (make sure you are using a style sheet savvy browser!), and there have been some other changes here and there. I figured the site needed an overhaul. Chris's Paintball Pages is about a year old now too. This site originally started out as only 3 pages with a few graphics. Well, this site now consists of 69 pages, 188 graphic files, and 2 movies. Not to shabby. (1/13/99)

    Finally, an update! It's been awhile, but I actually have time to work on the site. Well, I gave up the VMOG to GothicMetal. I don't have the time to work on it right now :( However, I'm co-developing the Palmer's Pursuit Shop website =) And believe it or not, I've added more links to the links page. The JavaScript in the navigation bar should also work in Internet Explorer 4+ now too. I should also be getting my custom made drop-forward stock from Doc Nickel any day now. Robyn, there's even an update just for you! ;) (12/29/98)

    ATTENTION: Classic Typhoon s/n CP 04 has been recovered! (12/11/98)

    At last! The VM Owners Group (http://www.gothicmetal.com/vmog) is up and running. Please check it out! (11/28/98)

    I recently finished an Online Catalog based on the new Palmer's Pursuit Shop catalog. It can be found at the POG site under the Articles section. I also have a new picture on the Nasty Page. (11/28/98)

    ATTENTION: Classic Typhoon s/n CP 04 has been stolen. If you have any information as to the location of this gun, please contact Thomas Abe [email link removed- Chris] (Blake). (11/22/98)

    I finally found the PGP Owners Group! The link is on the links page. (11/22/98)

    I've added 4 new pictures to the Nasty Section! (A big thanks goes out to Brent!) My little Typhoon pump kit section is also updated. (Thanks again Jeb!) I've also added a few more links to the links page. And the Blazer is gone, but I have something better on the way... (11/17/98)

    For those of you looking for new Palmer's prices, look here for Typhoons, here for Blazers, here for Pumpers, here for Regs, and here for Services. (11/11/98)

    I've added a few things here and there. Nothing major. A friend of mine recently bought another VM (technically it's a PMI-3) with an Air America Black Rain Expansion Chamber. I'm going to try and shoot it for a while and see how well it works. I'll post my results and pictures later. (11/06/98)

    Well, the reason I've been busy is because I'm engaged! So that will be taking up a lot of my time. In other news... This page can now be reached at http://visitweb.com/chrispaintball. (11/03/98)

    Don't expect any big updates anytime soon. Things are hectic around here (work, girlfriend, school), you know, life. And if you email me and you don't get a reply for a while it's nothing personal, I'm just a little busy. Thanks. (10/27/98)

    I've added a bunch of things to the Stuff page. Mostly unique guns from around the net that I've run across. (10/21/98)

    ->Chris's Paintball Page needs a new name! Click here [link removed- Chris] to send me your recommendation. (10/16/98)

    Chris's Paintball Page now has an official banner! Feel free to use it for making links to this page. The site now has a forum also. Check it out! (10/11/98)

    Well, I've added MORE links to the links page. I've also brought the VM FAQ 6.1 up to speed. There are NO majors changes, I'm just letting people know that changes have been made. (10/03/98)

    Major changes to the links page again. I've added more links and started a rating system for the personal web pages and some of the others too. It should also load faster now that I overhauled the source code. (10/03/98)

    I'm going to start using a few new graphics around the site. When you see a -gone- it means something is new. An -gone- means that something was added or updated. And a -gone- means that no new info was added but things were changed around a bit. Like a new graphic was added or things were reworded but is still basically the same. (9/24/98)

    I overhauled the links page today. Check it out! (9/22/98)

    We are finishing up another batch of VM Double Finger Triggers. The new ones are different from the old ones. To see what the new ones will look like go here. Email me if you are interested in one. (9/20/98)

    More house cleaning today, nothing new though. (9/18/98)

    I have discovered the world's scarriest VM! Even if you don't like VMs, you'll like this. I mean, who doesn't like a double barreled paintball gun... (9/17/98)

    I've been doing lots of house cleaning this week. I made lots of small changes around the site, nothing that anyone will probably notice. I'm cleaning up the source code and making it more "universal." I should finish later this week. (9/09/98)

    I finally received my copy of Adobe Photoshop 5.0, so I updated the graphics around the page. I hope you like them. (8/29/98)

    The VMX and VM-68 have been SOLD! (8/26/98)

    Are you a paintball nut? Find out here. (Very funny, check it out!) (8/25/98)

    I updated the review of my PGP Stroker. It performed well Saturday with little trouble at all. (8/18/98)

    I've added a Chat Room [link removed- Chris] to the site. I personally won't be in there much, so the rest of you will have to set up times to meet. (Free Java based chat room powered my MultiChat.) (8/10/98)

    Some major changes have been made today. I've added pictures all over the place of my PGP Stroker, PRO-COMPed VM, VMX, and BBT Typhoon. Plus you can tell others about my site using my new email referral system. (8/09/98)

    I've made lots of small changes to the site. Mostly just the addition of background colors. For the best viewing pleasure I highly recommend Netscape Communicator 4.x and 16-bit or better color for this site. (8/06/98)

    My page can now be reached using a much shorter URL. The new one is:
    http://visitweb.com/pog261 [no longer works- Chris] (8/05/98)

    I finally got my PGP Stroker back on 7-28 and it was worth the wait (not to mention the money). I have a short write up about it posted. I'll add more about it eventually. (7/29/98)

    Lowered my asking price for my two VMs for sale on my classifieds page because I seriously need cash. Check it out! (7/14/98)

    Due to the fact that I'm working nearly 40 hours a week and that a lot of things are going on in my life right now, this site will not be updated as much as it has been. And if you email me and I don't get back to you for a while it's nothing personal, I'm just a little busy. Thanks. (7/06/98)

    The framed version of my site is now the only version. I don't really like frames, but it's easier to maintain the site this way. (6/12/98)

    Added counter to this page. May add it to others. (6/11/98)

    I now have a framed version of my site if you click here. It probably still has some bugs in it yet, so if you find any please let me know what they are. (6/07/98)

    I've added some stuff to my PGP page (finally!) and my Palmer Page keeps growing. (6/05/98)

    Looking for some stuff to buy? Check out what I have for sale in my classifieds. (6/01/98)

    My Palmer page is finally up. Check it out! (5/31/98)

    I recently bought a Typhoon (BB31) and I sent in my PGP to be converted into a Stroker (I should get it back in about a month). So I will be adding a Palmer page for these kick @$$ 'guns. (5/20/98)

    I learned some JavaScript stuff and used it to spice up my site a little. (5/15/98)

    I made some changes to my pages today. I think it's now easier to navigate around my site. (5/08/98)

    I made some more minor changes to my write up of the PRO-COMPv.3. I also want to let everyone know that my VMX (the one the write up is about) is for sale. Something has come up and I need the cash. (5/07/98)

    I changed the look of my site now. The black on white is (I feel) easier on the eyes but doesn't look as cool. Plus printing will work. (Printing white letters on white paper is kind of hard!) (5/06/98)

    I got a copy of the new PRO-COMPv.3 Owner's Manual and have it online on my PRO-COMP page. (5/4/98)

    I made some small changes to my write up of the Pro-Compv.3 and added some notes about Delrin. (4/29/98)

    I recently bought a VMX unit (the one on my Custom VMs page) and have a write up about it posted. (4/28/98)