Paintball Patch Collection

Updated 05/15/15

AGD 68 AutoMag patch CCI Phantom patch
AGD MiniMag patch CCI Phantom patch
Tippmann Pro/AM patch Tippmann 68-Special patch
Tippmann SL-68 patch Tippmann SL68II patch
PMI Trracer patch USI Eliminator patch
Taso Centurian patch Taso Spartan patch
Taso Vindicator patch WGP Autococker patch
WGP Sniper 1 patch Montneel Design Z-1 patch
A-5 Owners Group patch Original Palmer Owners Group patch
Stock Class Paintball patch VM-68 Dragon Brigade patch
New Palmer Owners Group patch PGP Owners Group patch
Barnett Whaler patch USI Hotshot patch
Pro Ball patch Nelson Paintballs patch
Hastings patch Vents patch
Straight Shot Squeegees patch  
Old Airgun Designs Inc. Patch New Airgun Designs Inc. Patch
JT USA patch PMI patch
Green PPS patch White PPS patch
Taso patch California Magnum patch
32 Degrees patch 32 Degrees patch
Silver Air America patch Air America patch
ABC Paintball Supplies patch Capture the Flag patch
Action Sports Outfitters patch West World Paintball Games patch
Oregon Paintball patch SC Village Paintball Games patch
War Zone patch Splat Action patch
Fun on the Run patch Hit and Run Paint War Games patch
Gun Slingers patch Drunks with Guns patch
All Americans patch North Jersey Paintball Club 1991 patch
North Jersey Paintball Club 1992 patch North Jersey Paintball Club 1993 patch
Tasmanian Devils patch Team Ronin patch
Black Rose Paint Team patch Desert Fox Paint Team patch
Slug Death patch Team Slug Death patch
Paraplegic Turtles patch Black Rose patch
NPPL Boston Cup 1993 patch NPPL Dallas Open 1994 patch
NPPL World Cup 1994 patch NPPL World Cup 1997 patch
2000 World Cup patch 1987 Survival Game Championships patch
Skirmish Big Game 1992 patch Skirmish Big Game 1994 patch
APB Sizzlin' Summer 1990 patch Rebel Council Shootout '93 patch
Action Quest 1st Annual Big Game patch Action Quest 2nd Annual Big Game patch
Action Quest Operation Breakthrough patch 5th Annual Michigan's Big One patch
6th Annual Michigan's Big One patch 7th Annual Michigan's Big One patch
Hit and Run Super Game VII patch Iron Triangle 92 patch
Diablo Prophecies 2000 patch WPF Member patch
IPPA blue splat patch IPPA red splat patch
National Paintball Supply patch unknown big game year patches 1990 1991 1992 1993