Markers I Currently Own

Total: 42 as of 05/15/15

AKALMP Merlin [pictureA raw AKA Merlin body kit. I bought this so I could send it out to JMJ for their Featherlight milling but they stopped doing paintball work before I could get the money together. Guess I'll just have to do the mill work myself one of these days...]
Serial #: ML0678

AKALMP Viking [pictureAKA Viking. This is an old Viking with the ill fated diamond dust finish. The diamond dust finish is a form of nickel plating. I talked with Aaron (the former owner of AKA) who said the samples they received from the company that did the plating looked great. They sent a bunch of parts in to be plated and shortly thereafter they started flaking. The original samples though were still in perfect condition even many years later. These are absolutely fantastic guns even though they are a bit big. By today's standards anyway. Built like tanks and sip air. What more do you need?]
Serial #: VK# A 00399

Brass Eagle Rainmaker [pictureA customized Brass Eagle Rainmaker. This has my custom Angel frame adapter/Mac mount/LPR adapter. It also has a Vaporworks Chaos board and sought after GDD back block. The GDD blocks were actually made by Ken at KPCS. I haven't had this running in a looong time. I need to finish it one of these days...]
Serial #: 1319

Check It Products Super Stock [pictureA fairly rare and highly sought after CIP Super Stock. It's estimated around 200 were made. These were designed by, and probably made by, Carter Machine then sold under CIP's name through I&I Sports. They were sold as the poor man's Desert Duck and are the same as Carter's Box gun.]
Serial #: none

Chris Mader Overlord [pictureMy pride and joy. It's basically a custom Cocker at its core dressed up to look like a Thompson M1A1. The body was made
by the guy who owns CCM then I milled it to my needs. The barrel was also made by the same guy. Bill only made about 15
of these barrels and I own 2 of them. The only "bad" thing about them is that they use the CCM barrel inserts which I don't
really care for too much. Most of the parts used I had to make myself. The grip frame is from a PPS Typhoon then the LPR
is in the magazine. My machining skills have improved drastically since I originally made this so I'm going to remake some
of the parts. The wood parts are genuine parts from Thompson machine guns.
Serial #: 1

Doc's Machine Fastback [pictureA Doc's Machine Fastback Cocker. There were less than 200 of these bodies made. It's currently sporting an E2 frame with a T-board, mQ1 valve, custom Fatty Stabilizer, Rock LPR, Evo ram, Eclipse QEVs, MacDev detente, Shockteck snatch tab, CIP-knockoff Unimount ASA, CCM IVG, front block screw and front block, and one of my black out screw sets. The stock feed neck is a Lapco. I made a new delrin pull pin when I upgraded to the mQ. I, ironically, also use a Racegun barrel kit with it. Best barrel kit ever, IMO. The ano of the different parts don't look like they match very well but it's not as noticeable in person.]
Serial #: none?

ICD Bushmaster 2k4 [pictureBushmaster 2k4. I spent waaaay too much money upgrading this thing. I don't get why Bushmasters never got much respect. This is a really solid gun, even before upgrading. AKA SCM-3, AKA feedneck, Empire balanced valve with a stem guide of my own design, Blue Fork Design GBR Ram (aka an anti-chop ram. Don't need eyes, it never chops!), PPS Stabilizer, Unimount clone, Vapor Works 2k7 Chaos board, and of course one of my stainless steel screw sets. The first thing I did when I got it was to take it apart and add a set screw to adjust the forward travel. Didn't even air it up until AFTER I got the trigger the way I wanted it. I need to make a new bolt and pull pin for it yet. Other than that it's darn near perfect just the way it is. Well, maybe a trayless mod...]
Serial #: 040901500117

Paintball Pro Shop RTP Viper [pictureA very, very rare RTP Viper. What set them apart from other Sheridan based pumps during their time was that these
are made of stainless tube rather than brass. The pump stroke is stupidly easy too.
Serial #: none

Palmer's Pursuit Shop Over/Under Nasty Typhoon [pictureAn uncommon over-under PPS Nasty Typhoon. Yep, double barreled goodness. PPS has made far more side-by-side Nasties than their O/U counterpart.]
Serial #: PD156

Palmer's Pursuit Shop PGP Stroker [pictureA PPS PGP Stroker I had made. This was one of roughly 50 PGP Strokers made at the time. The base PGP I received as a gift from my parents. After having it for a year or two I sent it off to Palmer's to be Strokerized. A few years later I sold it to buy a new computer. Then a few years after that I had a RTP Viper for sale and the guy who currently owned the PGP Stroker offered it as part of a trade for the Viper. So, I am the first and fourth owner of this gun. I'm currently working on a .45 frame mod for it.]
Serial #: P1691

Palmer's Pursuit Shop PGP Stroker [pictureA PPS PGP Stroker. I was thinking about having another PGP Stroker made when this one showed up on eBay with all the features I was thinking of getting. I used it for a couple games then sent it off to Punisher's Customs. Like my VM, it's going to be an electro beast when it comes back. Also like my VM, I haven't seen it in years. Lee will get around to finishing it eventually. I'm not in any rush.] (currently at Punisher's Customs)
Serial #: P1886

Pro-Team Products VMX [pictureHere we have a VMX. The VMX was an aftermarket body for VM-68s. This one is lightly Carterized. Very few Carterized VMXs around. I bought this from the same guy that had the green Carter VM.]
Serial #: none

Sheridan Equalizer [pictureSheridan Equalizer. This was a complete flop for Sheridan. They have a ridiculously stiff trigger pull and suffer from terrible shoot down at anything over 2 balls per second. Gee, I can't imagine why they didn't sell? Oh and you can hear the regulator wheeze between each shot as it recharges. I actually bought it just for that.]
Serial #: 095900889

Sheridan KP2 [pictureTechnically this is a Sheridan K2. This was restored by Gabriel Tyler and is fantastic. He didn't have the original bolt action knob for the bolt or full length stock so he made it into a KP-2. The pump stroke is absolutely butter (for a Sheridan anyway). I wouldn't sell this for less than a $1000.]
Serial #: B013890

Sheridan KP2-DF [pictureA cherry Sheridan KP2-DF. This was probably my best score on eBay EVER! Picked it up for CHEAP because 1) the seller didn't really know what it was and 2) it didn't work and was in rough shape. I got it, cleaned up what I could then sent it to Palmer's so they could work their magic. The only thing I didn't have done was nickel plating. She's a real show piece now... and I've never even used it.]
Serial #: B042646

Sheridan PGP [pictureJust an old PGP. Nothing too special.]
Serial #: D049073

Sheridan PGP [pictureA PGP customized by Doc's Machine. This was an unfinished project that I bought from Doc for a song. It needs some work to be finished though. While Doc didn't say it directly, the way he described it, it sounds like this is one of Manike's infamous unfinished PGPs. Don't know what I'm talking about? Don't worry, only a small group of old Guild regulars probably still do. Anyway, the brass thing on the bottom is an old brass Rock LPR and the frame is from a PPS Stroker.]
Serial #: D052127

Sheridan PGP
Serial #: D074022

Sheridan PGP
Serial #: D116778

Sheridan PGP (currently at Doc's Machine)
Serial #: ???

Sheridan Piranha SB [pictureA Piranha SB. This is one of the infamous Ralph Torrel guns. Not that anybody probably still remembers this but Ralph picked up a metric butt load of ex-rental guns and was selling them off dirt cheap ($50 IIRC). Being ex-rentals they were in rough shape. This one was complete but needed all new seals and a new main spring to work. Apparently I was one of the lucky ones. Supposedly other people got guns that weren't even complete or were completely trashed. Some people claimed they never even got theirs. Shortly after this affair Ralph dropped out of the paintball scene. Well, the online scene anyway. Don't know if he ever popped back up anywhere.]
Serial #: D077052

Sheridan PMI-3 [picturePMI-3. This is a very, very low serial number PMI-3. This was probably made during the first week of production. The gun was disassembled and the pieces were spread over 3 different eBay auctions along with a bunch of other parts. I won 2 of the auctions and emailed the winner of the other auction to get the rest of the parts. I have been unable to find a PMI-3 with a lower serial number than this one but I'm still looking.]
Serial #: 000131

Sheridan PMI-3 [pictureOriginal PMI-3 with a sub-200 serial number. Bought off of eBay from the original owner.]
Serial #: 000163

Sheridan PMI-3 [pictureNick Brassard's old VM. You know the one shown in the "Classics" section of the custom VM pages. Yah, this is that gun.]
Serial #: lost to the ages

Sheridan VM68 Magnum [pictureA VM Magnum. This is a sub-1000 serial number Mag. Standard VMs and Mags/EXCs had different serial numbers.]
Serial #: 000608

Sheridan VM-68 [pictureAnother VM. This one I built to look like a M16A1. I don't think I have it set up like this anymore though.]
Serial #: 005814

Sheridan VM68 Magnum [pictureA good ol' VM-68 Magnum. This was my main gun for a while until I sent if off to Punisher's Customs. The plan is that it will be a fully custom Electo VM. I've been patiently waiting for many years for Lee to finish this thing. Some people give me a 'you've been scammed look' when I say how long I've been waiting but I've meet Lee twice and I know he's a good guy. He'll come through.] (currently at Punisher's Customs)
Serial #: P033603

Sheridan VM-68[pictureJust another VM-68. I tried selling this several times but couldn't get what I wanted for it considering it has several sought after parts on it. I'd rather keep it than dump it. ]
Serial #: 594407216

Sheridan VM-68 [pictureEaron Carter custom VM-68. This was Carter Machines 'standard' custom VM. Lots and lots of these were made. I bought this off of eBay from the original owner. Still looks like it just came back from Carter's shop.]
Serial #: D94700105

Sheridan VM-68 [pictureAnd another VM. This was my first attempt at making something that looks like a M16.]
Serial #: D94700115

Sheridan VM-68 [pictureEaron Carter custom VM-68. As far as I know this is a one-of-a-kind custom VM. Earon made this for a friend and then I bought this from that friend. Even for VMs, this thing is a beast!]
Serial #: 195704945

Sheridan VM-68 [pictureVM-68. This was one I attacked with a hacksaw. No, seriously. I've since cleaned it up a bit in the mill. Still needs some work though to be 'finished'.]
Serial #: 196705882

Sheridan VM-68 [pictureAnother VM-68. I bought a Pro-Comp v.3 kit for my first VM then later, foolishly, sold it. I missed having a Pro-Comped VM so bought this one. It's also sporting a very, very rare BOA Concellor barrel. There weren't many of these barrels made before the ATF told them they had to stop. Most of the ones you find are Cocker thread. Good luck finding a VM threaded one. I had to buy the barrel off eBay from a guy in Canada.]
Serial #: need to check

Sheridan VM-68 [pictureNew in box VM-68. Picked this up off of eBay. Came off the line in 1998 and it's still never been fired!]
Serial #: 498709038

Sheridan VM-68 [pictureAnother custom VM-68. I'm not real sure what the history is behind this thing. There is a LOT of machine work on this thing. The neatest feature is that the entire valve chamber comes off. I was told from the seller that this was Dan Debone's work but I have my doubts.]
1 of 10 custom by Dan Debone

Southern Pneumatics Pnoenix [pictureA rare Southern Pneumatics Phoenix. Number 13 of only 280 made. I bought this directly from the gun's inventor, Eric Scott. It's missing some parts but I should be able to make them myself. It's good to be a machinist.]
Serial #: P 13 (of 280)

Tippmann Factory F/A [pictureA Tippmann Factory F/A. This is one of only a small handful of mechanical full auto paintball guns made over the years. These were a bit of a flop for Tippmann as they only made around 1500 of them. The hopper was the major downfall. There is a spring in them that has to be wound periodically and would wear out and need to be replaced. Look familiar? That's because this is the A-5's daddy. This particular F/A was built by a tech at Tippmann and is (supposedly) the only one nickel plated by the factory. It also has a vertical ASA and .45 frame which is very rarely seen on F/As.]
Serial #: unknown

WGP Sniper [pictureOriginal Sniper 1. This is one of the first 500 Snipers that Bud made in his garage before he started WGP. I bought this from the original owner and it came with an insanely rare Bud Orr 12 gram quick change and quick pull bolt. It also came with two barrels (not the ribbed one shown, which is pretty rare by itself) and shoulder stock.]
Serial #: 187

WGP Sniper .62 Caliber Version [pictureA .62 caliber Sniper 1. WGP made around 200 .62 caliber versions of the Sniper. The only difference with the body is that these were stamped with a '62' in front of the serial number. To actually shoot .62 caliber paint you used a different barrel and bolt. I got this as just the body. I had to make everything else but the ASA and grip frame. Turned out pretty good. The barrel is a super old school Lapco (.68 caliber).]
Serial #: 62 141

WGP Sniper II [pictureA fairly plain Sniper II. The pump shown in the picture is now on my Pro-Team Sniper II. This was a former rental that I picked up from somebody at the old POG forum. He picked up around 10-20 of these and sold them for $75 each IIRC. The ring mount I added later. It didn't come like that. The barrel in the picture is an old school Lapco stainless. That thing weighs a ton! Easily one of the heaviest barrels I've ever seen. ]
Serial #: 19233

WGP Sniper II [pictureMy pride and joy Sniper II. The body is a Pro-Team FX body, full AKA internals and beavertail, custom Doc Nickel stock, White Wolf pump kit (not show, old pic), custom Punisher's pump modified to fit the pump kit, and PPS Stabilizer. Pro-Team had a bunch of different ano patterns they were well known for and made lots and lots of batches of parts with these patterns. I bought the body kit, frame, and bottomline ASA from different people but you'd never know it. They all match up great.]
Serial #: 26231

WGP Autococker [pictureJust a plain old Autococker. Pieced this one together from left over parts that were lying around.]
Serial #: 40177

Other Interesting Things I Currently Own

Airgun Designs 6PAK [pictureWho needs constant air when you can reload a 12 gram in less than a second?]
Serial #: 00714

Custom VL3000 [pictureThe original board died so I replaced it with a WAS TurboRev board.]

Chopped K-Series "pirate" stock [picture]

Paintball Magazines [pictureVery old picture. This isn't even all of them. There's an APG #1 in there too.]

The Official Survival Game Manual [picture]

Unused Tippmann 68 Special serial number tags [picture]

Old School Cocker Pneumatics [pictureAn original brass Rock LPR from Palmers. The LPR, if it can even be called that, on the front block is an original first gen WGP unit. To say they didn't work very well would be an understatment. These are actually fairly hard to find these days but because they don't work very well they have no real value other than to diehard collectors.]

Odyssey Paintball Halo A
Serial #: 003558